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2004 > CNRS-GIPSA-lab

Signal and image radar processing
  • SAR processing, SAR interferometry, Differential SAR Interferometry and Geocoding, and Land Application (ROIPAC, GAMMA,PolSARpro, EFIDIR-Tools).
  • Simulation of SAR raw data.
  • Multivariate statistical analysis.
Qualitative and quantitative remote sensing of glacier and permafrost
  • Monitoring Alpine glacier activity (velocity) by image radar processing, by amplitude correlation and by interferometry
  • Validation with in-situ measurements (GPS and corner reflector)
  • Detection of permafrost by image radar processing.
Quantitative remote sensing of snow and ice core dating
  • Assimilation of satellite radar data to constrain the snow model SURFEX / crocus
  • Studies of snow in Alpine regions using a Ground penetrating Radar.
  • Ice-core dating by time-frequency analysis.

Interferometry                                                    Radar image: amplitude

Instrumentation in-situ
on Argentière glacier.                   RockGlaciers inventory from ERS1-2.


1994 > CNRS-LGGE

Imagery of micro-structures of firn snow and ice
I have developed image processing based on Image Processing Software ( to measure snow grains size, analyzing micro-structure of firn and ice for the purpose of obtaining descriptors of these objects. These parameters were implemented in 3 physical models, a first model of firn densification, a second of pore closure and a third of gas diffusion. They have also been used to improve the laws of grain growth in ice.


1988 > Cemagref

Creating the electronic activity
Design and construction (inventor of the tetrahedral structure) of a correlative ultrasonic anemometer (patented).
I've developed a gas exploder for triggering avalanches. I was awarded the 2nd prize for collaboration between laboratory and company, delivered by the Banque Populaire de la Région Dauphinoise.
Realization of a system for measuring physical parameters in snow avalanches.
Measurement of the mass balance of Sarenne glacier (1st series in Europe, 3rd in the world).


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