Research fellow at CNRS


Tracy Bourne – Musicology (2009-2016)

University of Sydney
Topic: Perceptual, acoustic and physiological characteristics of music theatre singing
Cosupervision: Dianna Kenny (Music conservatorium of Sydney)

Thibault Cattelain – Cognitive sciences (2015-ongoing)
University Grenoble Alpes
Topic: Effort and coordination of speech gestures in the production of stop consonants
Cosupervision: Pascal Perrier


Angélique Remacle – Speech therapy (2014-2016)
University of Liège
Topic: In situ study of the vocal fatigue developped by primary school teachers


Boris Alexandre – Cognitive Sciences (2015)
University of Bordeaux
Topic: Influence of the sensory modality of interaction on speech adaptation in noise

Benjamin Elie – Acoustics (2009)
University of Paris 6
Topic: Vocal tract acoustics with an oro-nasal coupling.

Luiza Maxim – Phonetics (2007)
Universite Paris 3
Topic: Modification of stop consonants in noisy environments.

Lucie Bailly – Phonetics (2005)
University of Paris 6
Topic: Articulatory modifications in noisy environments.
Cosupervision: Hélène Loevenbruck, Marion Dohen et Pauline Welby

David Sotiropoulos – Psychoacoustics (2004)
University of Paris 6
Topic: Perception and categorisation of voice quality.


Anaïs Da Fonseca (2016)
University of Besançon
Topic: Articulatory force in stutters

Marine Barbé (2014)
University of Lyon 1
Topic: Voice efficiency and resonance adjustments in shouted voice

Claire David et Caroline Pétillon (2013)
University of Lyon 1
Topic: Effect of a one-day prevention program on the vocal behaviour of primary school teachers
Cosupervision: Corinne Loie (MGEN, Paris)

Emilie la Machia (2005)
University of Marseille, la Timone
Topic: Posture modifications and vocal straining.
Main supervision: Pr. Antoine Giovanni (LPL Aix en Provence)



Annalisa Paroni (2016)
M1 Language sciences, University Stendhal, Grenoble
Topic: Production of plosive sounds: comparison of beatbox and speech
Cosupervision: Nathalie Henrich

Arthur Blandin (2015)
PFE, Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Topic: Development of systems and methods of measurement of articulatory force
Cosupervision: Pascal Perrier et Christophe Savariaux

Myriam Fantone (2014)
Medical school, University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
Topic: Laryngeal dynamics in relationship with vocal effort in the production of stop consonants
Coencadrement: Nathalie Henrich

Modibo Diabate (2014)
L3 applied mathematics, University Joseph Fourier
Topic: Development of new methods of correlation analysis for paired and repeated data
Cosupervision: Caroline Bazoli dans Silvain Gerber

Tiphène Bith and Gameli Amedon (2014)
M2 applied mathematics, University Joseph Fourier
Topic: Statistical analysis of repeated data from the production and perception of different voice qualities
Cosupervision: Adeline Samson

Sarah Bouhake (2012)
2nd year, Phelma, Grenoble
Topic: Development and test of new force sensors for the measure of articulatory forces in the production of stop consonants


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