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                I defended my PhD on October 2014, and went to University College London to start
                a new job as a Research Associate. I work at CoMPLEX  (Centre for Mathematics, Physics                     and Engineering in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology) on eye movements                                 statistical modelling.
                I will no longer update this website.
             I'm building a new home page.

I am a PhD Student in Cognitive Science and Signal Processing within Vision and Brain Signal Processing Team (ViBs) at Gipsa-lab (Grenoble, France), under the supervision of Dr. Nathalie Guyader and Prof. Alice Caplier.

The key to robust perception is the efficient combination and integration of multiple sources of sensory information. My research focuses on multimodal perception of naturalistic scenes. I follow a dual approach. First, I collect behavioral data through eye-tracking experiments during which participants watch videos in different audio-visual conditions. Then I interpret the results using statistical modeling.  I aim at (1) understanding the mechanisms  of cross-modal integration and (2) modeling them to improve attention models.

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