42-nd Summer School of Automatic Control
     Grenoble 2021
Data and Learning for Control
Grenoble 2021
Data and Learning for Control

Context and motivations

In the last several years, developments in sensing, computing, and communication have lead to an explosion in our ability to collect data about a number of dynamical systems of engineering, biological, and social nature. A bit more recently and driven by this data abundance, we have witnessed the blossoming of an array of very powerful (machine) learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, including deep neural networks.

Automatic control deals with dynamical systems in the perspective of controlling them. As adequate knowledge is preliminary to taking proper action, learning techniques have long been used and developed by control theorists. Given the huge promises of the current wave of learning techniques, there is an urgent need for control scientists to overhaul their toolbox and seize the potential advantages.

The aim of this Summer School is to offer the opportunity of a scientific forum from control systems and informatics, around the various challenges and methodologies dedicated to the application of data-based and learning methods for control. To this end, domain experts will be present to share their expertise and cutting-edge research results.


The School will consist of a series of lectures and exercise sessions (in English). Due to the travel restrictions from the pandemics, this year the school will be proposed as a virtual event to all attendees outside Grenoble. Connection information will be sent to all registered attendees.


The School is mainly intended for PhD students and researchers from academia or industry with an interest in control, learning, or both. Some background in automatic control is expected.


Registration deadline :             July 15th, 2021

Summer School :                   September 06-10, 2021