38-th Summer School of Automatic Control
     Grenoble 2017

Context and motivations

Due to increasing use of computer-based modeling tools,  numerical simulation turns to be more and more used to simulate a complex system and shorten both development time and cost. However, the need of enhanced model accuracy leads to an increasing number of variables and ressources to manage at the price of a high numerical cost. One way to cope with this problem is to use model approximation, aiming at replacing the initial complex model by a simplified one, whose behaviour remains representative of the genuine physical system. 

This Summer School aims at presenting the main mathematical tools and model approximation algorithms, in order to bridge the gap between complexity and representativeness required in control design, analysis, simulation and optimisation. To this end, domain experts will be present to share their expertise and cutting-edge research results.


The School will consist of a series of surveys, lectures and research talks taught in English, completed by a series of computer exercises in MATLAB.



The Summer School is mainly intended to Ph.D. students, researchers and scholars interested in applying approximation of large-sacle dynamic models, being meanwhile open to industrial participants. Basic knowledge in automatic control and mathematics will be useful.