37-th Summer School of Automatic Control
     Grenoble 2016
Advanced Algorithms for traffic prediction and CONTROL

Context and motivations

  Facing an increasingly complex traffic, optimal exploitation of existing infrastructure is a challenging problem. Control systems tools can bring here innovative and well-performing solutions, thanks also to new technologies involving a multitude of sensors and actuators. This Summer School aims at presenting the main mathematical tools which allow modelling, predicting and controlling the traffic, starting with the classical ones to the most advanced ones, including optimal routing and cooperative ITS. To this end, domain experts will be present to share their expertise and cutting-edge research results.


The school will consist of a series of surveys, lectures and research talks taught in English, completed by a full day dedicated to industrial presentations and demonstrations of operational tools, among which the Grenoble Traffic Lab (GTL).



The Summer School is mainly intended to PhD students, researchers and scholars in control and traffic engineering, and applied mathematics. Being meanwhile open to industrial participants, Basic knowledge in automatic control and mathematics will be useful.