Summer school BigOptim 2015 Large-scale convex optimization:
Proximal algorithms and applications
Grenoble, June 29-July 3, 2015

Summer school BigOptim 2015



Optimization is a multidisciplinary field: the need to solve increasingly more complex problems, with data of large size, attracts interest from experts of statistics, signal and image processing, bioinformatics... Indeed, it is challenging to minimize a sum of convex functions in high-dimensional spaces.

If you have background in applied maths, signal processing, or any other field, but no competence at all in optimization, this summer school is for you! Starting from the basics of convex analysis, and through the description of the mechanisms behind proximal splitting algorithms, you will acquire skills in the primal or dual formulation of large-scale convex optimization problems and in the choice of the algorithms to use. Several applications, e.g. in image processing, learning, genomics, will illustrate the courses.

The summer school will take place in Grenoble, a nice place with renowned universities, in the heart of the French Alps (it hosted the olympic games in 1968). French researchers, some of whom working in Grenoble, have always been on the cutting edge in optimization. The summer school will benefit from these competences. In addition, we are delighted to have Lieven Vandenberghe, Prof. at UCLA and author of the famous book, as speaker.

Participation to the event is open to everyone and free of charge, subject to mandatory registration, see the details on the registration page. The talks will be in English, as well as the slides, which will be available to all participants. ECTS formation credits will be delivered to the participants asking so.


June 29 - July 3, 2015


Campus of St Martin d'Hères, France.


Laurent Condat