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Integrated approach for observation and control of vehicle dynamics

Une approche intégrée pour l'observation et la commande de la dynamique de véhicules


Project presentation

Inove is a french national project supported by the ANR, initiated in October 2010 up to October 2014. The main fields are to elaborate new methodologies and innovative solutions, in a unified framework, for the modeling and identification of the vehicles behavior, the observation in view of critical situations detection and for the robust and fault tolerant control of the vehicle dynamics. An other aspect is to improve the safety of vehicles (mainly cars but also trucks) and passengers.

One point is to focus on some specific critical situations such as :

  • Driving on uneven roads, with different road conditions (dry, wet...), with/without braking. Extension in the case of inter-distance control
  • Braking in a (banked or not) curve
  • Driving in a curve at high-speed, close to roll-over



The originality lies mainly in the development of the full integrated approach between identification, observation and control. On the other hand, the methodological developments will be based on very recent results in automatic control theory such as :

  • Algebraic methods for estimation/observation
  • LPV approach for observation and robust control : genericity and robustness of the Hinfinity control approach, varying performance objectives, Multi-Input Multi-Output controllers
  • Fault-tolerant control using switching strategies


Scientific breakthrough

Modeling/Identification :
  • Development of a model library (Matlab/Simulink) for simulation: shared between the partners, and open to the scientific community
  • Propose some guidelines for identification of the vehicle model parameters that have a strong influence on vehicle dynamics
Observation :
  • Classification of driving/road situations to evaluate the critical nature
  • Development of new observers (robust, reliable, easily implementable) to detect some critical phenomena
  • Development of algebraic estimators both for estimation and compensation of unknown dynamics in the control algorithms.
Control :
  • Synthesis of integrated control laws for different subsystems to guarantee the passenger safety and comfort as well
  • On-line adaptation of the controllers to various dangerous situations detected by the mean of the observers/estimators