Project Overview


Statistical methods for the brain functional connectivity networks, fusion with anatomical connectivity. Towards a new diagnostic and prognostic tool for the evaluation of consciousness disorders.


The aim of this project is to study the circulation of information in the brain for patients suffering from disorders of consciousness in order to characterize the states of consciousness for traumatic or non traumatic brain injured patients. This will open up new directions to help clinicians for the diagnosis and to give better predictions concerning the possible recovery of these patients. This will also bring new opportunities to understand the spontaneous fluctuations in brain activity observed on resting state healthy volunteers and the nature of consciousness.




Sophie Achard, CNRS, GIPSA-lab
Chantal Delon-Martin, INSERM, GIN
Stéphane Kremer, CHU Strasbourg
Francis Schneider, CHU Strasbourg
Jean-Francois Coeurjolly, LJK
Vincent Noblet, LSIIT

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