Amélie Cordier; Amélie Cordier (Hoomano Lyon / France)

Developmental Learning for Human Robot Interactions

Abstract: Hoomano's challenge is to make Human-Robot Interactions as natural as possible. In this presentation, we will show how - using different tools of Artificial Intelligence - we contribute to improving the social interactions between humans and machines. We will discuss concepts of user attention and engagement, and show the potential of developmental learning to go further in learning interaction patterns. We will illustrate our work with examples developed and deployed on interaction robots such as Nao and Pepper.

Bio: Amélie Cordier is Director of Research at Hoomano, a company that creates software for social interaction robots. She holds a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Lyon, has been a lecturer at the University of Lyon 1 for 10 years and has conducted research in Artificial Intelligence and developmental learning. She is also president of Lyon-iS-Ai, an inclusive association whose mission is to support and promote the Lyon ecosystem in Artificial Intelligence and to offer the general public opportunities to take an interest in Artificial Intelligence and better understand it.