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19/5/2016 Gymnase de la piscine universitaire Challenge robotique PersyCup (http://persycup.imag.fr)
3/4/2016 - 9:00-16:30 GIPSA-Lab
Salle Mt Blanc
RHUM workshop (see the announcement)
  • Gordon Cheng (TU München) Robots doing their best without speech in Human Environments
  • Ludovic Righetti (MPI Tuebingen) Exploiting contact interactions for robust manipulation & locomotion skills
  • Radu Horaud (Perception/INRIA & LJK) Audio-Visual Scene Analysis for HRI
  • Damien Pellier (MAGMA/LIG) Robot Programming by Demonstration in Cobotic Environment
  • Ernesto Gomez-Balderas (AGPIG/GIPSA) Mini-UAV teleoperation in a structured environment
  • Jérôme Maisonnasse (FAB-Lab/MSTIC) Fablab & robotics
30/11/2015 & 1/12/2015 INSA Lyon Colloque J. Cartier "Robotique, Services et Santé"
  • Robotique de service et interaction en environnement complexe
  • Habitat intelligent en santé
  • Apprentissage et aide au geste pour le personnel médical
8/10/2015 - 14:00-16:00 GIPSA-Lab B314 Workshop "Learning interactive behavioral models" organized by G. Bailly after A. Mihoub defense
  • Olivier Pietquin: Interaction management as a stochastic game
  • Mohamed Chetouani: What could we capture from the social interaction layer?
  • Frederic Bevilacqua: Modelling expressive movements: case studies from music, dance and sound design
  • Abdel-Illah Mouaddib: Dealing with short-term and frequent human-robot interaction in public space
2/10/2015 MJK Working lunch Comment posters & demos. Identify joint research subjects (at least two teams). 
21/5/2015 Gymnase de la piscine universitaire Challenge robotique PersyCup (http://persycup.imag.fr)


The Action-Team Robots in Human Environment adresses several challenges on the two domains of personal and service robots. Our aims are to:
  1. Improve the coordination and collaborations between the different teams contributing to robotics within Persyval-lab, a significant challenge being the very different scientific backgrounds that are brought together: vision, sensor and signal processing, control theory, planning, machine learning, multi-agents, social interactions
  2. Tackle 3 scientific problems related to active perception, navigation in human environments, learning and adaptation of robots behaviors for social interaction, with naturally a significant emphasis on experiments.
  3. Support the development of emerging topics that draw interest in our community, such as ethics and soft robotics.
  4. Demonstrate our progress and collaboration with 2 distinct challenges combining the scientific problems mentioned earlier, one related to service robots, with a robot able to navigate seamlessly in a crowd of humans (autonomously or tele-operated with shared autonomy), and one related to personal robots, with a robot able to interact socially with a group of humans.
  5. Support a Robotics Academy gathering efforts on teaching robotics both in theory and in practice, with a significant use of student experimental challenges.
This project is financed by the ANR (ANR-11-LABX-0025-01). logo ANR