Humanoïd Robot

Project publications

The talking head

  • Parmiggiani, A., M. Randazzo, M. Maggiali, G. Metta, F. Elisei and G. Bailly (2015).  "Design and Validation of a Talking Face for the iCub", International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, 1550026:1-20, DOI. (HAL)

HRI studies

  • Nguyen, D.-C., G. Bailly and F. Elisei (2017)  An evaluation framework to assess and correct the multimodal behavior of a humanoid robot in human-robot interaction, Gesture in Interaction (GESPIN), Posznan, Poland:pp. 56-62. (HAL)
  • Cambuzat R., G. Bailly and F. Elisei (2017) Gaze contingent control of vergence, yaw and pitch of robotic eyes for immersive telepresence, European Conf. on Eye Movements (ECEM), Wuppertal, Germany. (HAL)
  • Bailly G., F. Elisei, A. Juphard and O. Moreau (2016) Quantitative analysis of backchannels uttered by an interviewer during neuropsychological tests. Interspeech, San Francisco, CA: pp. 2905-2909. (HAL)
  • Nguyen, D.-C., G. Bailly and F. Elisei (2016) Conducting neuropsychological tests with a humanoid robot: design and evaluation. IEEE Int. Conf. on Cognitive Infocommunications (CogInfoCom), Wroclaw, Poland, pp. 337-342. (HAL) [BEST PAPER AWARD]
  • Guillermo G., C. Plasson, F. Elisei, F. Noël, G. Bailly (2015) Qualitative assesment of a beaming environment for collaborative professional activities, European conference for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (EuroVR), Milano, Italy.
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Learning behaviors

  • Nguyen, D.A., G. Bailly and F. Elisei (2017) "Learning Off-line vs. On-line Models of Interactive Multimodal Behaviors with Recurrent Neural Networks", Pattern Recognition Letters, 100C:29-36. DOI. (HAL)
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  • Bailly, G., A. Mihoub, C. Wolf and F. Elisei (2015). Learning joint multimodal behaviors for face-to-face interaction: performance & properties of statistical models. Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). Workshop on behavior coordination between animals, humans and robots, Portland, OR. (HAL)
  • Mihoub, A., G. Bailly & C. Wolf (2013). Social behavior modeling based on Incremental Discrete Hidden Markov Models. International Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding (HBU), Barcelona - Spain: pp. 172-183.