Who are we?

A KIC InnoEnergy project

The consortium is made up of six partners: three public institutes and three private companies. Each one brings his Key activity:

KAStrion partners' job, missions and network

  • Grenoble-INP (Grenoble - FRANCE): Signal processing and electrical engineering research.
    • GIPSA-lab: Public research lab specialized in Signal processing, Spectral and time-frequency analysis, Statistical modeling, System Reliability, Deterioration & Maintenance Modeling, Prognosis and Health Management, System monitoring and fault diagnosis, Power systems and power networks.
    • G2elab: Public Research lab specialized in electrical engineering.


  • EC-SYSTEMS (Cracow - POLAND): Private company specialized in Software development for industry Design of monitoring & diagnostic systems, Installation & commissioning, Wind power generation projects, Solutions for automated condition monitoring, Parallel processing on GPU.


  • CETIM (Senlis - FRANCE): Public facility specialized in Research and development, dissemination and transfer to mechanical industries, Mechanical Test bench, Machines knowledge, Machine Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring (vibrations, acoustic emission).


  • VALEMO (Bègles - FRANCE): Independant company in charge of wind farm operation and maintenance. VALEMO is a subsidiary of VALOREM Group which is one of the fifth developers in France with more than 1.500 MW prepared projects, a third of them already built and producing. For few years, owning and operating more than 200MW, powered by 8 different turbine types, as IPP (Independent Power Producer) or as purchasing advisor for third part customers, Valorem Group directly deals with major wind turbine manufacturers. Particularly with its insurance broker partner Filhet Allard Company, one of the major and older insurance cabinet in wind and maritime markets in France also located in Bordeaux, looking for improvement in Predictive maintenance."

Installation of a wind turbine: VALEMO presentation


  • MECAL (Enschede - NETHERLANDS): Private company providing services of existing wind farms, especially in terms of technical advice for insuring and guarantee issues. MECAL's knowledge deals with vibration analysis and gearbox inspections as main services for wind farm condition monitoring.


  • INPT (Toulouse - FRANCE): Public research lab specialized in Signal processing research.
    • IRIT: Research lab specialized in Signal processing, System monitoring and fault diagnosis, Bayesian parameter estimation.


KAStrion project leader is Grenoble-INP, you can see the locations of the partners on the map below:

  • 4 partners in FRANCE
  • 1 partner in NETHERLANDS
  • 1 partner in POLAND


KAStrion partners' location in Europe