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Séminaire Shiro IKEDA - 14 th november - Mont Blanc room

Shiro IKEDA will be giving a DIS exceptional seminar on Thursday 14th of November at 3:30pm in room Mont Blanc.

Shiro has been working on the signal processing pipelines used in the recent first image of a black hole shadow.

Title: Data science for the EHT blackhole shadow imaging
Shiro IKEDA (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo)

Last April, the EHT (Event Horizon Telescope) collaboration released
the first image of the M87 black hole shadow. EHT is a huge VLBI (very
long baseline interferometer) and an inverse problem must be solved in
order to have an image. We have developed a new imaging method for EHT
and it is one of the three methods which contributed to the released
image. In this talk, I explain how the method has been developed and
the final image was created.

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