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Xun Liu who received the IEEE Mikio Takagi Student Prize - 2019 IGARSS conference, Yokohama, Japan


Congratulations to Xun Liu who received the IEEE Mikio Takagi Student Prize during the 2019 IGARSS conference in Yokohama, Japan.  He was one of the 10 finalists selected from 305 applications and eventually received the first prize after his oral presentation. His work is a collaboration between the Beijing Institute of Technology, China and GIPSA-lab at the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble, France. This specific part of his PhD thesis was conducted during his 12 months stay in Grenoble, under the supervision of Jocelyn Chanussot (team sigma-phy, GIPSA-Lab).

His paper is titled: Multimodal-Temporal Fusion: Blending Multimodal Remote Sensing Images to Generate Image Series with High Temporal Resolution. Xun Liu proposed a deep learning architecture to reconstruct missing data from a multimodal and multitemporal set of remote sensing data, outperforming state of the art "modality-translation" algorithms. 
He received his award during the award ceremony from Paolo Gamba, President of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing (GRSS) and Xiuping Jia, chair of the award committee.

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