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Séminaire du département Automatique du 10/10/2019 à 14h00


Robust Observer Design for a Class of Discrete-time Nonlinear Descriptor Systems

Intervenant : Daniel COUTINHO, USC, Brasil

Lieu : Gipsa-lab, Salle Mont Blanc


Résumé : Numerous physical systems are naturally modeled by descriptor or singular state- space representations. Such models include algebraic equations besides ordinary differential equations (or difference equations in discrete-time) that appear in traditional state space models. For instance, these algebraic constraints notably arise in the form of Kirchhoff’s laws in the modelling of electrical systems. In particular, the theoretical results to be introduced in this talk are motivated by the state estimation problem for lithium-ion battery packs subject to limited sensing. As the electrochemical models for such batteries involve nonlinearities in the state and the output equations, the considered model class includes this feature besides nonlinear terms in the one-step ahead state-space matrix. For such general class of systems, a systematic LMI-based approach to the design of state observers is proposed for a wide class of systems locally satisfying Lipschitz-like conditions by resorting to a transformation proposed in the literature of discrete-time descriptor systems. The proposed design conditions locally ensure the input-to-state stability of the error dynamics while providing a region of guaranteed stability as well as some performance with respect to parametric uncertainties and/or exogenous disturbances. Some numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the applicability and effectiveness of the proposed observer.

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