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Séminaire du département Automatique du 14/03/2019 à 14h00


Lyapunov approach for input-to-state stability of boundary control systems

Intervenant : Andrii MIRONCHENKO, University of Passau, Germany

Lieu : B208, GIPSA-lab


Résumé : Input-to-state stability of infinite-dimensional systems is a framework, which allows to study stability with respect to the variaions of a state as well as robustness with respect to external disturbances. 

It is a key ingredient in a modern theory for robust control of nonlinear systems. One of the hard problems in infinite-dimensional ISS theory is a stability analysis of boundary control systems 
with disturbances acting at the boundary of a system.
In this talk we are going to discuss Lyapunov tools, helping to tackle this problem for a large class of boundary control systems.
In particular, we provide sufficient conditions for ISS of control systems in terms of non-coercive ISS Lyapunov functions, 
as well as constructive non-coercive converse Lyapunov theorems for linear systems with unbounded input operators.

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