Christian Benoit Association


The Christian Benoit Association was founded on 26 April 1999, in memory of Christian Benoît, a researcher in the field of speech communication. Before his death in April 1998, Christian Benoît had carried out most of his research on speech synthesis and audiovisual speech processing at the ICP in Grenoble. The purpose of the Association is to support projects that help to promote and develop research in the field of speech communication, essentially through the Christian Benoît Prize.
This prize, valued at 7622 Euros, is periodically awarded to young researchers in the field of spoken communication. Its purpose is to provide financial support for the development of multimedia projects, such as web sites or CD-ROMs, that are designed to promote the work of these young researchers.



Ninth Christian Benoît Award
supported by the International Speech Communication Association,
the Association Francophone de la Communication Parlée and GIPSA-lab
Deadline May 29, 2017

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The call for proposal for the ninth Christian Benoît Award is open. The deadline is May 29th, 2017.

The Christian Benoît Award is delivered periodically by the Association Christian Benoit. It is given to promising young scientists in the domain of SPEECH and FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION. It can concern basic or applied research projects.

The Award provides the elected scientist with financial support for the development of a short-term research project that:
(1) illustrates concretely the achievements of her/his research work
(2) could help promoting this work in the scientific community and to Grant Agencies
(3) gives an overall view of the state of the art in the research domain.
The proposed research project can have the form of a demonstrator, a technical product or of a pedagogical multi-media product (Movie, Web-site, interactive software…).
The Award is valued at 7,500 Euros(*).

The commitments of the elected scientist are:
- to attend the Interspeech2015 Conference in Dresden, Germany
- to deliver the final product of the project within 2 years
- to present her/his results in a workshop such as, among others, AVSP, ISSP, or SpeechProsody.

In the application, the candidate should provide:
- a statement of research interests (2 pages max),
- a detailed curriculum vitae including the list of a selection of the most relevant publications for the project.
- a description of the proposed short-term research project (15 pages max) . The description should include a presentation of the scientific and/or pedagogical objectives and of the methodological aspects, a link with the former research work of the applicant, as well as a detailed description of the provisional budget.

Applications will be evaluated by an international committee including experts in the field of Speech and Face-to-Face communications and representatives of the Institutions supporting the award.

Applications should be sent to
before Monday May 29, 2015
. Electronic submissions are mandatory.

The successful candidate will be notified by June 19, 2017. The Award will be delivered at the Interspeech 2015 Conference in Dresden (Germany) (

For further information, please contact Pascal Perrier

* 3,500 Euros will be given immediately; the remaining 4,000 Euros will be available at reception of the multi-media project by the Christian Benoit Association. Travel and registration costs necessary to attend the Interspeech 2015 Conference will have to be paid on this grant.