IFAC Joint conference

5th Symposium on System Structure and Control

11th Workshop on Time-Delay Systems

6th Workshop on Fractional Differentiation and Its Applications


Grenoble, France, February 4-6, 2013

New deadlines

Final paper submission : December 3rd, 2012

Early registration : December 7, 2012


This "Joint Conference" gathers all the activities of IFAC TC 2.2 Linear Control Systems: Control and structure, Time-delay systems and Fractional differentiation. The aim is to bring together experts working in systems and control to discuss new trends, exchange new ideas, establish fruitful contacts, and promote interactions among the various fields of interest. Applications and industry papers are encouraged.
The conference will be organized in 4 tracks:
  • Track A: Control Theory Linear systems, Structural properties, Linear multivariable systems, Disturbance rejection, Decoupling problems, Regulation, Model following control, Time-invariant systems, Time-varying systems, N-dimensional systems, Observers for linear systems, Diagnosis, LPV systems, Uncertain systems, Nonlinear systems, Robust control and analysis, Input constraint systems, Infinite-dimensional systems, Complex systems, Positive systems, Descriptor systems, Output feedback control, Model reduction.
  • Track B: Control Applications Automotive systems, Aerospace, Biological systems, Chemical processes, Energy and nuclear systems, Mechanical systems, Mechatronics, Network controlled systems, Numerical issues in control, Power systems, Process control, Robotics, Transportation systems, Vibration and control, Other applications, Control of MIMO systems, Model tracking, Design of observers, Diagnosis and fault tolerant control, Control of LPV systems, Control of nonlinear systems, Robustness issues, Saturated input control, Infinite-dimensional and complex systems.
  • Track C: Time-Delay Systems Modelling and identification, Stability and stabilization, Robustness issues, Filtering and observation, Diagnosis, Control design, Output feedback control, Non linear time-delay systems, Distributed parameter systems, Infinite dimensional systems, Numerical methods, Algebraic methods, Sampled-data control, Hybrid systems, Applications with time-delay systems.
  • Track D: Fractional Differentiation and Applications Analysis tools, Fractional order modeling and identification, Fractional order control, Fractional filters, Fractional transforms, Fractional Signal and Imaging Processing, Fractional Wavelet, Computational Fractional Derivative Equations, Analysis and Integral Representations for Fractional Differential Systems, Fractal systems, Acoustics, Biomedical engineering, Electrochemistry, Thermal systems, Economy, Mathematics, Mechanics, Other applications of fractional systems.




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