Students are required to perform a long internship during the master's degree. It is up to the student to find an internship, however, its topic should be approved by the program director. The student's contribution during this internship is evaluated by a jury. The evaluation is based both on a written report as well as on an oral presentation.

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SIGMA program is designed to prepare students for a research and/or development career in signal and image processing. Graduates can follow a PhD program in a laboratory or a research and development division of a company. Thanks to its partnership with elite research laboratories and innovative companies, SIGMA graduates have several PhD opportunities.

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Signal and image processing are at the basis of many technologies underpinning a vast area of industrial applications and have penetrated into almost every aspect of today's society. Therefore, SIGMA graduates are expected to find jobs in a large variety of sectors such as: telecommunication, medical imaging, aerospace, defense, geophysical signal processing,... .

From big multinational companies to small start-ups, SIGMA graduates can get employed directly with their master's degree. However, there is an increasing demand from companies to hire engineers with a solid research experience, for example, engineers with a PhD in signal processing.

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*: Access limited to SIGMA students