While the technical seeds are provided in the classes, labs and a large amount of supervised projects (100 h) aim specifically at developing the generic and multidisciplinary competences. There are three different kinds of supervised projects:
  • The first project has a strong technical support from the labs and project management classes. The students integrate the technical knowledge acquired in different topics in a robotics-oriented project, with the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of their organization.
  • A longer project (8 weeks) follows, on a new and innovative topic associated with industrial processes automation. The technical support is reduced to regular supervision along specific guidelines in bibliographical searching, definition of a possible break-through, modeling and real-time operation.
  • Six industrial seminars (4.5 h each) are organized, where experienced engineers from large industries and SMEs are invited to present a specific case-study and the key points of their problem-solving strategy.