Project management

Michel PRUNIER ( ).


The objectives of this class are to supply the bases of the project management as well as to present the good practices in industries. The quality management according to the standards ISO and the piloting by process are presented through industrial projects.
This class contains a method to establish a CV as well as simulations of real recruitment interview.

Class schedule

Lesson Topic
The contributions of the management by project; implementation of management by project in the development of products and in big projects management; notion of risk analysis.
Management of project
Role of the project manager and the team project; piloting of the expertise within the projects; milestone, points of meeting in the crossroads of the professions; economic management; management of the resources, the planning of the works by resource; follow-up of the expenses (material and human).
Put into practice: study of concrete cases, how to start a schedule, notion of task and decomposition by task.
Quality management
ISO 9001 standard and AFAQ; why a quality management within most of the biggest companies; notion of process quality; piloting a company by quality processes and quality plan; projects life cycle, role of the quality control managers.
Put into practice
A company program quality (development of products and business management).
CV & recruitment interview
most significant key points to establish a "sticker" CV; prohibitions; hangs on it on an announcement; CV Draft and personalized CV.
CV workshop: Recruitment interview
CV workshop: Recruitment interview

Grading policy

Final exam : 100 %.