1st IFAC Workshop on
Linear Parameter Varying systems


Grenoble, France, October, 7-9 2015

New deadline  

March 30, 2015

No further extension 

Linear Parameter Varying systems have state space representations that depend on time-varying parameters. This class of systems allows representing several types of systems such as non-linear systems, switching systems, multi-models ?.
This workshop aims at presenting some results in the field of LPV systems and applications.
The aim is to bring together experts working in LPV systems to discuss new trends, exchange new ideas, establish fruitful contacts, and promote interactions among the various fields of interest. Applications and industry papers are encouraged.
The conference topics will cover the control area for LPV systems: modelling, analysis, observation and control.
Some of the important keywords include:
  • Modelling and Identification of LPV systems How to obtain LPV systems from: nonlinear systems, switching systems, time-delay systems, sampled-data systems, systems with saturation, uncertain systems, polynomial systems?
  • Analysis of LPV systems stability and stabilization, robustness issues, geometric approaches, structural analysis
  • Observation, Diagnosis and Control of LPV systems Observer design, Hinf control, optimal control, predictive control, fault detection, fault tolerant control, virtual reference feedback tuning?
  • Applications Automotive, aerospace, robotics, chemical processes, biological systems, energy and nuclear, network controlled-systems ?




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